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How to protect crusher in summer season

As summer is coming, crushers running temperature needs to be paid more attention. As we all know, mining equipment often works outside. As for high temperature, crusher will have low heat dissipation rate, resulting in downtime. How can we do to prevent this situation?

Firstly, we should do maintenance for crusher regularly, such as replacing engine oil, changing or adjusting belt, checking if fan, water tank, generator, compressor and other parts work normally or not, etc.
Secondly, timely clean oil stained and dust on engine to ensure engine with good heat dissipation.
Thirdly, replace appropriate oil viscosity level for crusher and often check if there is oil spill phenomenon. Meanwhile, ensure enough fuel oil. 
Fourthly, check if cooling system and fuel oil system are unobstructed. Then, try to put crusher in the shade no matter crusher is working or not. 
Finally, prepare for 1-2 set fire extinguishers in case of fire incidence.
All in all, in summer under high temperature  Hengji hope every customer can make your machine be a good running state to get the highest efficiency.